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Edulight is an execution focused entity and we have approached this space through innovation in the manner classes are delivered and more importantly by embracing technology in a game changing manner. Edulight brings to the table a unique proposition wherein vocational Training, Distance Education and Placements converge to provide a unique offering to our students and learners across the globe.

At Edulight, we believe that the previous decade was solely the ICT training wave and going forward for the next 15 years alternative career opportunity viz BFSI, Accounting, IFRS, Distance Education would be emerging , future economy will require training companies to train and place fresh graduates to fuel their requirements. At Edulight we are focused towards providing our students training simulated to on job environment and thus assist them to excel in first hour productivity.

EL has a vision of being a 360* delivery provider wherein equal focus is given to students to learn job enhancing skills This fresh offering in the market would address the concerns that the students have and in the process create a new ecosystem. Usage of optimum technology to effectively and efficiently deliver our education programs is the key area of our delivery focus going forward. With the shift in manner that education will be imparted and required across the globe, growth opportunities of Edulight is immense.

  • Edulight Business School Programs

    1) Full time MBA
    Herein we provide our students with a regular Full time MBA course which prepares the students to take up the challenging field of management in their future careers. The course is offered in a well-appointed infrastructure located at Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai which augments the learning experience. This B-School operates with a difference – primary highlight of which is our focus being more on ‘Doing’ instead of only ‘Knowing’ . At EL our belief is that most B-schools focus more on the latter whereas at EDULIGHT BUISNESS SCHOOL, our students have to go through the drills of ‘Doing’ is regularly.

    Our focus is not limited to a particular sect of students instead we prepare them to be global citizens. We have industry experts coming on our campuses regularly as guest lecturers and we also deliver real time sessions by eminent personalities by using our virtual delivery studio. We ensure our students will standout professionals in the years to come.

    2) Part time MBA

    There are two schools of thoughts that prevail, one of which being that it’s better to do MBA whilst one is working. This community is increasing with times and this model is highly challenging as we have students who are professionals and engage in a core learning process with us.

    This program is equipped with highly interactive sessions, debates, case studies etc. In our part-time MBA program, students / learners come for classes thrice a week and on Sundays for active and engaged learning. Besides they are supported by online learning sessions and classes are also delivered through our studio to the comfort of their homes on other days. Part time MBA is a 3 year MBA program where students shall visit the campus thrice a week. Work Experience – Minimum of 2 years work experience after graduation.

    3) Distance MBA

    MBA Over a period of time, sizeable professionals have opted for Distance Education as their route to being a qualified MBA. DE is fast becoming a highly acceptable alternative form of education especially for management students.Students, who have a fairly hectic work life and have constraints of not being able to spend, evening classes at our campus, can opt for the Distance Education model. Besides the comfort of the course, the two highlights of this course is – a) MBA in 2 years and b) High cost effective in terms of fees. Distance education has become a separate ecosystem for MBA aspirants and over a period of time this is becoming a very strong alternative for aggressively working professionals. Eligibility – Graduates with minimum 50% marks

  • Eduilight Coprorate Training

    Edulight is working on a unique model which gives our clients an easy to approach , cost effective, scalable and productivity driven platform where EDULIGHT shall become your training partner for productivity enhancement.

    World over there is an increased focus on increasing the productivity of team members within every organization. HR has taken a serious view of it and every company with a larger focus on growth is taking reskilling of their team and training as a core agenda. Statistics prove that organizations that invest in training programs are more attuned to achieving their goals and have employees who are more productive. We provide both on-site and off-site training to our clients globally.

  • Study in India

    Over the last many years India has taken a leap in terms of education investments. India offers a culture where education has become a cornerstone of ones upbringing. The government has also made free education as basic right augmenting further investments in this sector.

    Steadily India is growing as a knowledge hub for the world and between the sidelines of these investments, there has been a subtle ambition to be a key education destination for foreign students has been sown and has been rapidly gaining momentum. At the moment India has universities where students from different parts of the world come and obtain their graduation.Indian Universities degrees are recognized worldwide.

    With the global shift to Asia as a key growth market and with India heading towards leading the global economy, it is prudent for students to spend time in such high growth economies which gives them an exposure to the Indian work culture and ethos besides obtaining high level education and knowledge. As a part of making India, a true destination for students from different parts of the world to engage and compete, Edulight through its Study in India wing is focused towards inviting students from different parts of the world to come to India and study. Developing economies are a key focus area for us given the infrastructural concerns in many developing countries where students have high knowledge aspiration, India is a destination for them. A cost effective and world class education awaits you.

    Edulight has a key focus area on Foreign Students looking to get admission in Indian universities , request for admission can be submitted to our Head Office In India by mail to with you contact details and course interest or you get in touch with local Edulightauthorized Training Center /representatives of your country, Edulight is offering degree level education in collaboration with RIT, and RIMB , located near Pune, Maharastra, the education hub and a preferred destination of foreign students in India. Undergraduate and Post Graduate degree courses are offered the subjects of automobile, mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Computer, ITand Management.

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