Laxmi Eye Institute

As a part of training and education activity of Laxmi Charitable Trust we regularly conduct training of field workers. These are any individuals who are interested in working in rural area. Sometimes they are the social workers from Urban area or workers like Asha workers from the same rural area.

This year we conducted such two programmes once on 10th January 2009 and on 4th May 2009. In this training programme these workers are educated about the basics of Anatomy of Eye, function of eye, different types of refractive error, some of common eye diseases and how to identify these diseases. They are trained in torch examination of eye, checking vision & identifying common eye diseases. They are provided with a kit consisting of a torch, vision chart, a register to maintain records and pictures of common eye diseases.

These field workers are expected to go door to door, examine all the people in the home, record the details and refer patients with any complaint or problem to Rural Eye Care Centre or to base hospital at Panvel. These field workers create a bridge between the patients and service providers. This is essential as rural population in India do not receive medical service in time because of various reasons.

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