Re Vera School of Management

As you take your first step in here and walk down the corridors of knowledge, you will realize that you have entered a place which is full of life. It is a place which breathes of freshness, a place which embraces one and all as a unified family, a place which is highly dynamic, robust and youthful.It is a place which has transformed from being a seat of higher education to being an academic movement. Yes, Revera is a B-School which not only ranks among the best in the country, it associates with the best of management  leaders in education from the world over.Revera IIPM is also a mass movement which encompasses academic intellectualism, social commitment and political vision. 

As a student, you also become a part of this great movement which is committed towards human welfare and development, social justice and poverty alleviation, through academic researches, socio-economic activities and selfless voluntary services. In other words, universal humanism is the social vision of Revera.


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